ANBI Information

Tax and Customs Administration information

ANBI Information

The PlanFutur Foundation has been designated by the Tax and Customs Administration as a ‘Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling’ (ANBI). This means that, under certain conditions, donations and gifts are tax deductible. The advantage of donating to an ANBI is that you can deduct the gift in whole or in part from your taxable income. The Tax and Customs Administration therefore pays for your donation. For more information, visit .

NB PlanFutur spends its money as much as possible to achieve its objectives. This means that we do not use expensive administrative options such as sending payment forms. If you want to support us structurally, you can give an order to the bank yourself to transfer the amount. For more information you can contact us.

The PlanFutur Foundation has been designated by the tax authorities as a public benefit organization ANBI. This means that the donations made to our foundation qualify as a deduction for the donor’s tax return!

Stichting Plan Futur

According to the new ANBI conditions as of 1 January 2014, the following information is provided:

Name: Stichting PlanFutur

Fiscal number: 851120866

Chamber of Commerce: 54021766

IBAN: NL85INGB0004669428

Contact details:
Stichting PlanFutur
Street: Nw. Oostenburgerdwarsstr. 3D
Postcode: 1018 MA 
Country: The Netherlands

Tel: 06-43905792


The Foundation aims to support local partners in increasing the social and economic perspective of underprivileged young people in Benin or elsewhere in Africa, by providing practical training or otherwise. The local projects of these partners will also be supported in this process, as well as the carrying out of all further actions that are related to or may be conducive to the above in the broadest sense.

Policy plan:
The foundation tries to collect sponsor money in order to achieve its goals.

Reward Policy:
No rewards are paid. The board consists of volunteers, no volunteer compensation is paid to them.

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