Covid19 Awareness Campaign

Reliable information and good quality protection against COVID-19

Plan Futur - Covid19 Awareness Campaign - 8

Help us keep people in Benin healthy during the pandemic

The first most important threat is ignorance. The global coronavirus pandemic has revealed just how inadequately the world is prepared for outbreaks of infectious diseases. Many countries worldwide have been caught under-prepared, but especially in a country like Benin the greatest danger is a lack of knowledge of what it takes to foresee, prepare and provide treatment during an epidemic.

What makes things worse is the misinformation spreading on social media. It makes people afraid of those who fall ill, which stands in the way of quarantine and prevents access to good health care.

But good education is not all that is needed. There is currently no good healthcare system in Benin. There is a lack of proper protection materials. The people of Benin need reliable information and proper protection; one can‘t do without the other.

We want to provide both.

Our Main Goals

This is what we can do. This is what you can do.

People need to be able to protect themselves.

During our Awareness Campaign, PlanFutur wants to provide Hygiene Kits that include N95 masks, alcohol-based soap, and medical gloves to the community, schools and hospitals.

For this, we need your donation. Our goal is to provide Coronavirus Hygiene Kits to 10.000 individuals, 4 schools, 4 hospitals and 2 city halls.

For this, we need at least 2.500.

Alex Adounsa

PlanFutur Founder

"Help us to keep the people in Benin healthy. Help us to protect Benin."

Being raised in Adjohoun, a small village in the south of Benin Republic, as a young child I met a lot of inequality regarding chances in the life of the villagers. Many citizens seemed to have to struggle harder to make a living. Out of poverty, several people kept their children from school; in times of sickness, they had to manage without a doctor and sometimes they couldn’t even bring food on the table. Unemployment and illiteracy went side by side and I realised my advanced position.

Brought up in a middle class family, I got the chance to accomplish my study. My parents always supported me, as they did other children in the village, when their families were in need for help. This ideology of helping other people and sharing the benefits of life, especially since I have been living in the Netherlands, gave rise to my motivation to improve the situation of youngsters in my homeland. This is the reason why I created PlanFutur, being a long-term commitment towards disadvantaged young people.

With our large local network in Benin, we will :
  • conduct sessions to raise awareness about the swift spreading of the coronavirus
  • teach people how to protect themselves

We will show and tell how you can prevent the virus from spreading and protect yourself and others. By improving good hygiene practices like:
  • washing hands,
  • avoiding crowded places or gatherings,
  • and by using masks and gloves.

Also, we will train the local government on how to stop the spread of misinformation to ensure the public gets reliable information about the virus.

I thank you very much for your support.

Benin needs your help!