Water Tower in Siliko

Access to drinking water to 4 villages and 1 school

Provide Access to Drinking Water

The aim of this project is to provide access to drinking water for rural communities. Drinking water is the most important resource for human survival; still in some parts of the world millions of people lack access to clean water. In Benin, the rural population is still facing water shortage and half of them have to walk more than an hour to reach a water source.

Isolated Villages

Siliko, on the Ouémé River

Siliko is an agglomeration located in the municipality of Adjohoun, which lies partly on the Ouémé River, but the isolation of its villages reinforced the lack of access to drinking water. 

During the execution of our sanitation project in Siliko, it was clear that drinking water is an urgent need in the region.

Gender Issues

The impact on women and girls

Women and girls are disproportionately affected by poor water and sanitary facilities.

In regions where no one has the luxury of tap water at home, women are usually responsible for water collection within the family. Girls miss school to make the long walk to fetch water from the well and some of them experience harassment on the way. 

The poor quality of water, which is often collected in ponds, also causes transmissible diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid and cholera.

Partnership with Local Authorities

Ensuring sustainability

A good drinking water supply is not only for the current population, but also for future generations.

To ensure the sustainability of this project, we work in partnership with the local authorities.

Project Goals

At least 1,500 people will have access to drinking water after the realisation of this project. Our project which aims at providing safe drinking water to the population of Siliko consists of the following:


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