Moringa Trees

Planting Moringa trees in response to malnutrition

Moringa - 7

The Miracle Tree

It is not without reason that the Moringa tree is called the Miracle Tree. The seeds help to purify the water; the oil can be used to make biofuel and soap. 

And that’s not all! 

The leaves are full of vitamins A and C and minerals such as iron, calcium and potassium. They are a powerhouse of nutritional value and can be used to brew a tea or to just eat them as a vegetable.

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Food Supplement

Vitamin A, C, Iron, Calcium; Potassium and Protein

Moringa oleifera is a multipurpose tree that has many potential uses including its leaves, pods, seeds, flowers and roots which are extremely nutritious and can be incorporated in local people’s food.


Sustainable plantation


On five hectares of land near Adjohoun, the native village of Alex Adounsa, 1,200 Moringa trees were planted according to the principles of agroforestry. This means that other crops are also grown, to prevent soil exhaustion. The pruning waste is used as compost again.

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Hallmark for moringa

DANA Approved

Our Moringa is qualitatively approved. Last year, we received the seal of approval from the Direction de l’Alimentation et de la Nutrition Appliquée (DANA), part of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Beninese Food and Commodities Authority.

A cooperative of farmers

15000 +
Moringa trees

With the help of PlanFutur, 77 farmers in the area have planted a total of 20,000 Moringa trees on their own fields, between cassava, maize and cassava. They use Moringa in their daily food. This diet helps to combat malnutrition thanks to the vitamins and minerals that Moringa contains. The farmers are members of an agricultural cooperative, that is established by PlanFutur. We want to ensure that they can start a business by selling Moringa products for a fair price

Helping the community


The PlanFutur Foundation gives young people in Benin an opportunity to earn a good living.

Our Moringa plantation, based on agroforestry, contains five hectares of land in the village of Adjohoun. The plantation contributes to limiting child mortality. The plantation provides employment for young people.

The juveniles work the soil, dry and pulverize the leaves, press the oil and set up water purification plants. The finished products are sold on local markets. In this way, young people can provide for themselves.

Adopt a Miracle Tree!

The University of Benin and the Association Béninoise du Moringa support us with their expertise. But we also need tree adopters! With pledging €35 for a single Moringa tree, you contribute to a sustainable future for Benin.