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Our Story

Alex Adounsa, the founder of PlanFutur, grew up in a village in Benin, West Africa. Early on, he was confronted with poverty and infant mortality.

"So many people fought for their existence! I soon realised how privileged I was, because I was allowed to go to school. My father supported as many families as possible, so that their children, his friends, could also learn. I was even given the opportunity to go to university. It is not without reason that I started studying Sustainable Development. Because there are still so many problems to be solved in Benin. And now living in the Netherlands, I am more determined than ever to contribute to the development of my country."
Alex Adounsa
PlanFutur Founder

PlanFutur wants to help improve the living conditions of the young people in Benin, especially the young people in rural areas, by helping them to develop knowledge and skills to support themselves.

Through workshops and training programs, in combination with microcredit, young people are enabled to develop skills that enable them to support themselves. 

One of PlanFutur’s projects is the  Moringa Project, promoting Moringa trees in rural areas in the Ouémé region, in the south of Benin. The Moringa tree is called the miracle tree, because of the large amount of vitamins and antioxidants in the leaves. The seeds of the tree can be used for water purification and the oil from this can be used for consumption, biofuel or products such as soap and lotion. The project gives young people the opportunity to work the soil, dry and pulverize the leaves, press the oil and set up water purification plants. The finished products can be sold on the local market. This allows the youngsters to provide for themselves and we kill two birds with one stone: food and employment.

Our Current Initiatives

Water Tower in Siliko

Clean water for 4 villages and 1 school in Siliko

Covid19 Awareness

Reliable information and proper protection

Moringa Trees

Work and nutrition


Clean toilets for health and safety

Our Impact & Achievements

Thanks to the support of our Partners, Volunteers and Supporters, PlanFutur has been able to positively impact the communities in Bénin by achieving the following incredible milestones

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Moringa Trees Planted
EcoSan Facilities
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Face Masks distributed

PlanFutur’s projects are in line with the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals, as set in the year 2000: to eradicate poverty and hunger, to achieve general education for all children, to promote gender equality, and to increase gender equality and health.

Benin needs your help!