Run, Walk & Cycle For Water

Get Active While Raising Funds For Benin

PlanFutur Run4Water is a community health-based campaign, where we encourage people to get active through run, walk or cycle while raising funds to build water towers in Benin.

Water unlocks human potential, allowing people to achieve their goals. PlanFutur works in West-Africa on projects related to Water & Sanitation. We build water towers in Benin to provide everyone with clean drinking water.

And because water affects us all, we need everyone to act!

A Community Health-Based Challenge


Our goal is to reach 6185 kilometers every month – the distance from Amsterdam to Benin! Participation can be individual but at the end of each month, we will try and bring participants together for a group event


Run, Walk or Cycle wherever you are located! For us to track your kilometers, you must be logged in into the Strava App. We will share the link with you.

Group Event

At the end of each month, we will try and bring people from the same areas together for a group event. If you want to join, we will let you know via the Strava app and our social networks where and when the event will take place!

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Donate to PlanFutur

Donate a minimum of 10 euros to PlanFutur through our Donation page.

Step 2

Download the Strava App

Download the Strava App and join the “PlanFutur Run4Water” club.

Step 3

Get Up and Be Active

Run, walk or cycle to complete as many kilometres as possible in the challenge!

Participate in a Marathon!

Would you like to push yourself further and participate into a marathon while representing PlanFutur? We are participating to the following run events to draw attention to water scarcity and to raise money for PlanFutur’s water projects:

Dam to Dam Loop

21st & 22nd September 2024
10 miles (16km) - 5 miles (8km)

Dam to Dam Loop

Register Online

TCS Amsterdam Marathon

20th October 2024
Full (42km) - Half (21km) - TCS (8km)

TCS Amsterdam Marathon

Register Online
How Does Running for Charity Work?

Each runner will act as an ambassador for charity and will ask their network (family, friends, employers, colleagues, social media, etc) to sponsor them per kilometer run. 

To participate in these marathons for PlanFutur, you will need to:

I'd like to run a Marathon for PlanFutur!

    We will share additional details and give you access to our PlanFutur’s Run4Water fundraising campaign page to share with your network. If you’d prefer, we’ll even tell you how to setup your own fundraising page!

    If you don’t have sponsors, you can still participate and donate to PlanFutur yourself. We are happy to have you in our team!

    Become a Sponsor!

    To become a sponsor of PlanFutur’s 2024 Run, Walk & Cycle For Water, please contact us!

    I'd like to sponsor PlanFutur!