Plan Futur - Covid19 Awareness Campaign - 8

PlanFutur distributes hydroalcoholic gels and face masks in Bénin

2020 may be coming to an end, but the challenges we faced this year concerning the coronavirus pandemic
continue. As the coronavirus spreads across the world and no continent is spared, I realize what a privilege it is to live in a country where the healthcare system is well organized, and everyone has health insurance. In my home country Benin, people are not so lucky, and the pandemic forms a threat for the communities, especially the vulnerable populations.

And with the help of all of you, thanks to your donation and the contributions from Jamf Nation Global Foundation, we have raised enough money to allow us to achieve the following activities:

  • Distribute 10.000 reusable masks to the communities in the rural area in the municipalities of Dangbo and Adjohoun. The masks were made by 25 women from a dressmakers association in those municipalities. This gave sustained income in this time of crisis for 125 families.
  • Conduct sessions to raise awareness about how to protect against COVID-19 for 15000 individuals.
  • Realise 10 large posters on the protective measures that have been designed and implanted at schools, markets and other public places to spread the information.
  • Distribute 1000 Hydroalcoholic Gels (500 ml) for the staff at 2 hospitals and 2 city halls and 5 schools.
  • Install 20 hand washing systems at 5 schools, 2 hospitals and city halls.
  • Install 4 small hand washing cisterns in 4 primary schools
  • Train 4 masons on how to build washing tanks with local materials.

And we were in the news here were here.

A huge thank you to all of you for your donations, and to #JNGF for the funding!

I’m so grateful to all of you!
Alex Adounsa –

Learn more about our Covid-19 Awareness Campaign over here.

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