Worldschool Research Into Drying Moringa

Moringa may be able to purify water

Ground Moringa seeds may help bind sulfur in the water. Sulfur particles contaminate the water. If Moringa seed can cause these particles to form larger flakes, they can be easily removed from the water. Moringa seeds can thus be a biological alternative to chemical water purification. Tests are currently being done with this.

Students Tom Dorrepaal, Robbert Bulthuis and Jasper Volkers of Carolus Clusius College researched a way to dry Moringa, whereby the nutrients are preserved as much as possible. This could make Moringa powder work even more powerful. 

They did their research for the 2017/2018 Worldschool project. This introduces Dutch young people to the developmental issues of people from other cultures. The three students presented their results on March 23, 2018 at the Worldschool Event. 

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