Wilde Ganzen supports PlanFutur’s Water Tower project in Siliko

Wilde Ganzen is one PlanFutur’s Dutch financial partners who supports our various projects. At the end of 2022, they visited our Water Tower project in Siliko. Ernst Eisma, a Project Advisor at Wilde Ganzen specializing in WASH, recently published a blog article about the project. Read the original blog article here (in Dutch)Download their white paper […]

PlanFutur distributes hydroalcoholic gels and face masks in Bénin

2020 may be coming to an end, but the challenges we faced this year concerning the coronavirus pandemiccontinue. As the coronavirus spreads across the world and no continent is spared, I realize what a privilege it is to live in a country where the healthcare system is well organized, and everyone has health insurance. In […]

PlanFutur distributes school supplies

In September 2019, Jamf Amsterdam employees raised funds in honor of the “Back to School” campaign that was initiated by the Jamf Nation Global Foundation. In a few days, thanks to everyone’s contribution, we were able to gather an incredible amount of school supplies: 52 backpacks 52 teeshirts 30 prasers 115 notebooks 27 colouring books […]

Worldschool Research Into Drying Moringa

Moringa may be able to purify water Ground Moringa seeds may help bind sulfur in the water. Sulfur particles contaminate the water. If Moringa seed can cause these particles to form larger flakes, they can be easily removed from the water. Moringa seeds can thus be a biological alternative to chemical water purification. Tests are currently being done with […]